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 Dakurai's Sprite Recoloring shop

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Dakurai's Sprite Recoloring shop Empty
PostSubject: Dakurai's Sprite Recoloring shop   Dakurai's Sprite Recoloring shop Icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 4:17 pm

Hello everyone! I'm dakurai and im making my own sprite recoloring thread so if you know any pokemon sprite you want recolored please copy the form below and fill it so i know what to do!

What Sprite: (trainer or pokemon name)
Sprite Generation: (from which generation do you want the sprite to be from ex. diamond and pearl)
Colors: (what colors you want used)
Parts of the sprite: (what parts of the sprite do you want recolored? ex. pikachus stripes to be purple and the yellow to be blue)

Don't steal my artwork please
you don't need to give credit but if you want to that will be nice
don't rush me! I will do it whenever I get the chance!

Status of the shop? OPEN
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Dakurai's Sprite Recoloring shop
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